Front Line

Our Emergency Medical Services support seven NHS Ambulance Trusts, NHS Hospital Trusts and a range of private clients across the UK


Emergency Staff

Falck’s rigorous recruitment process ensures we get the very best staff based on their clinical skills.

Our comprehensive onboarding process ensures we meet NHS ‘Standards of Employment’ as well as undergoing Falck’s own induction process and all staff training is completed in line with the ‘Skills For Health UK Skills’ framework.

Our workforce is nationally placed, so we can work with potential clients to implement swift mobilisation across the country.

active compliant staff supported by a comprehensive pipeline

Emergency Medical Services staff


Ambulance Fleet

Flexibility is key to meet the differing requirements for each NHS Ambulance Trust we work with.

95% of consumables, equipment and drugs are common across all NHS Trusts. The remaining 5% are managed by Falck’s central supply department.

Our vehicles are maintained and prepared by our make ready teams for efficient management of our entire nationwide fleet.

Falck have a standardised core fleet. Additional fleet can be provided through our network of preferred suppliers.

Emergency Services Ambulance

A seamless fit with your existing operations

Patient Care

Falck’s attention to detail makes our patient care and emergency ambulances the very best.

Complete transparency and duty of candour mean all our staff treat patients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

All our staff are fully competent and undergo necessary training to deal with any situation.

Our staff are trained to the nationally recognised training qualifications:

  • Emergency Care Assistants

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • HCPC Paramedic

Governance Procedures

Falck have the strongest governance arrangements in the UK.

Our strong audit and feedback processes supports our staff on going performance monitoring.

All our staff members undergo a monthly ‘Clinical Performance Indicator’ with senior clinicians, as well as an annual ‘Clinical Performance Review’.

This ensures our staff continually meet and exceed the required standard for all our NHS Trust partnerships.

Key Performance Indicators

At Falck we aim to operate to the highest possible key performance indicators standard across all our UK operations, often exceeding many NHS Ambulance Trusts’ minimum requirements:

  • Exceed expectations and outperform our competitors

  • Bring an increased performance to all NHS trusts we work with

  • Continually improve against historical performance via detailed review and analysis of performance, and monthly clinical and operational appraisals

Careers at Falck

At Falck we’re always looking for talented individuals, HCPC qualified paramedics and emergency ambulance staff.

Falck also has a proven track record in developing patient transport staff to fully qualified paramedics.

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Global Emergency Management System

At Falck we have developed our own global resource facility GEMS which is accessible by any of our emergency ambulance staff via their own PDA.

GEMS holds a plethora of important and relevant information for staff members from NHS trust specific documents, operational and clinical bulletins to directives and pathways.

If a trust has an urgent need to roll out a protocol or change a guideline, we can communicate directly to each member of staff via GEMS and it’s tracking software.


Global Business
Local Knowledge

Falck has made its name as a global leader in ambulance services. We draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience gleaned from across the globe when providing pre-hospital support.

Due to our unique client base of NHS Trusts we’re able to learn and implement best working practice when it comes to:

  • equipment and consumables management
  • training and continual professional development
  • fleet maintenance
  • planning
  • resource management and governance
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