Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

Our Patient Transport Service supports five NHS Trusts as well as a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK



Our staff aren’t just trained to a level the NHS require but to a Falck brand standard, ensuring we’re able to provide the very best in patient transport care.

Our staff are trained to the minimum operational standard of Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA) with a full Falck specific ‘on boarding’ program and are fully trained in all first aid, manual handling, care, policies and procedures.

We nurture and develop our staff to Intermediate Care Technician at the level of FREC3 and have the capability to take staff all the way from ACA level right up to operational paramedic.

Our management staff have all been trained to BTEC level 3 & 5 in leadership and management and Care Quality Commission training and will all have attended the ACA training as well.

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Patient Transport Service staff


Ambulance Fleet

A fundamental part of the culture at Falck is to constantly monitor technological innovation and developments.

This is so that we can always offer the best treatment using the best equipment, and our patient transport fleet is no exception.

Our market leading fleet of patient transport vehicles, which are able to accommodate a large proportion of non emergency patient requirements as well as having a fleet of High Dependency Units (HDU) and children specific vehicles which are manned by fully qualified personnel and specialise in the transportation of those patients who require that greater level or duty of care.


Patient Transport Service Ambulance

A seamless fit with your existing operations

Patient Care

Our service ensures we care for all our patients from the very moment we meet them for collection right up to the very end of their journey.

We take every detail in to consideration; are they able to walk or do they need assistance or perhaps they’re wheelchair bound.

Maybe they’re a bariatric patient, or on dialysis, or even require a High Dependency Unit (HDU) in order to make their journey.

Our role is to transport these patients in a caring, responsive, effective, well led and safe manner leaving them at a safe location at the end of their journey.

Governance Procedures

Falck practices the strongest governance arrangements in the UK, and continually monitor and audit our staff, their training, our capabilities as a company and as an NHS provider to ensure we the meticulous requirements of all our NHS Trust and Clinical Commissioning Group clients.

Key Performance Indicators

At Falck, our aim is not to just meet key performance indicators set by our NHS Trust and Clinical Commissioning Group clients, but to exceed them in every possible way.

As the largest provider of ambulance services in the UK and the world, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience

  • Exceed expectations and outperform our competitors

  • Bring an increased performance to all NHS Trusts we work with

  • Continually improve against historical performance via detailed review and analysis of performance, and monthly clinical and operational appraisals

Careers at Falck

At Falck we’re always looking for talented individuals, HCPC qualified paramedics and emergency ambulance staff. Falck also has a proven track record in developing patient transport staff to fully qualified paramedics.

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Global Emergency
Management System

At Falck we have developed our own global resource facility GEMS which is accessible by any of our emergency ambulance staff via their own PDA.

GEMS holds a plethora of important and relevant information for staff members from NHS trust specific documents, operational and clinical bulletins to directives and pathways.

If a trust has an urgent need to roll out a protocol or change a guideline, we can communicate directly to each member of staff via GEMS and it’s tracking software.


Global Business
Local Knowledge

Falck has made its name as a global leader in ambulance services. We draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience gleaned from across the globe when providing pre-hospital support.

Due to our unique client base of NHS Trusts we’re able to learn and implement best working practice when it comes to:

  • equipment and consumables management
  • training and continual professional development
  • fleet maintenance
  • planning
  • resource management and governance
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Client Feedback

Checkout some of the great feedback we receive about our staff and services

“Can I please just say how excellently one of your staff handled a very tricky situation this afternoon. The Ambulance Care Assistant was able to help us persuade an elderly lady who has dementia to go into a care home voluntarily.

We had tried many times to get her to agree and were ready to invoke the Mental Capacity Act (2005) which would have empowered us to ask Police Officers to effect the removal and conveyance. Due to the staff members sense of humour and evident confidence with the situation, what would have been a very distressing scenario was avoided.

In the end, he was able to take her without incident to the care home where she is now safe from the numerous risks had she remained at home.

Well done and many, many thanks.”

“Just to pass my thanks onto yourselves for the excellent service you’re providing us in general and particularly on the weekends. I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback and would be grateful if you would pass this onto your staff.”

“The patient and his wife were thrilled with our service and are extremely grateful towards their crew for an efficient and reassuring service.

The patient struggles with anxiety and felt comfortable throughout the whole journey. The patient stated that he feels confident in using our service again and sends his thanks for the Ambulance Care Assistant’s professional behaviour.”

“I write to inform you that our Integrated Community Service greatly appreciated working with Adrian and his team at Falck yesterday. Adrian acted quickly and without fuss in response to an urgent referral to assist a client at end stage life to be transferred from upstairs to ground floor in order to be with his disabled wife.

Timing was the essence and his team allowed the couple to be together for a few hours last night and this morning to say their goodbyes. Our client passed away at 10am this morning.

I have spoken to the family who were also very grateful.”

“A member of the public was waiting in League of friends at the hospital when they slipped down in their chair and spilt a hot drink all over themselves. The gentleman had very poor mobility and had difficulties in communicating.

Three members of staff who had just dropped off their patients in the hospital were in the vicinity and went to the gentleman’s aid.

They assessed him, assisted him into a wheel chair and two members of staff took them to A&E to be checked over while the third remained and mopped up the spilt drink preventing any further accidents.

The gentleman was treated with kindness, courtesy, dignity and respect in a busy outpatient’s area of the hospital.”

“Falck provide a very good reliable service to ABM Health Board. Over the many years we have used their service the performance targets have always been met and the quality of service is always mentioned by the patients. The patients always comment on the standard of the vehicles, timeliness of service and helpfulness of the drivers.

The pricing schedule has always historically been fair and the Health Board has always believed you get what you pay for. When issues have arisen with prices Falck have always been willing and open to discuss the situation and try and agree a mutually acceptable outcome.”